[thechat] people who work weekends: a rant

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sun Nov 2 11:14:14 CST 2008

People who work on weekends generally piss me off.  Mightily.  People 
work on weekends (and/or long days) piss me off because:

a. they've been slacking off for weeks, and now trying mightily to meet 
a deadline... yet somehow in the midst of it, they manage to make 
themselves look impressive because they are heroically working weekends 
(or late hours)

b. they are stress-puppies who, despite the fact that everything is on 
schedule, fear fear fear that something will go wrong and the project, 
and company can ONLY be rescued by their working the weekend.  Again, 
they feel heroic and/or martyriffic for working the weekend.

c. often people, as they work the weekend in a mad fit of heroic push, 
go too far, start doing someone else's work (that can't possibly be 
under control, because that someone else is NOT working the weekend) and 
FVCK everything up.  But somehow, they still feel heroic.

d. people who are operating from this state are generally 1/3 as 
productive as someone who works reasonable hours, gets reasonable rest, 
and has a life outside of work.  But the important thing is all the 
hours they are putting in, right?

e. because on top of all this, they tend to put on a huge show, and do a 
holier than thou dance should you refuse to join them in the silliness.

What a pile of cr at p.  It's such theater, and so not-productive.

Take a chill pill, people.

This has been a public service announcement.


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