[thechat] people who work weekends: a rant

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sun Nov 2 23:30:17 CST 2008

William Anderson wrote:
  > as someone who worked this morning, I respectfully say the following:
> shut the hell up :)
> Some of us work in environments where 24/7/365 service delivery and
> monitoring is a necessary evil, and someone's got to draw the short
> straw and work at weekends.  

yeah yeah.  I worked weekends when I tended bar and waited tables too. 
that's not what I meant. I'm very sorry if I offended.

It was a rant, it was a spew, and only made me realize that it ain't 
what I'm complaining about that's the issue.

I'm simply not a good office drone, there are few jobs I'm comfortable 
in, I chafe in chains, and I don't have a ton of respect for those who 
take any opportunity possible to wrap the chains around themselves ever 
tighter, or who shamelessly pander to powers that be. That's my real 
issue. I can play well with others, but it really depends on the 
environment.  Out of desire for health benefits / fear of not having 
health benefits, I got myself into a sucky job that is making me sick.

& it's not worth it.


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