[thechat] tricky Yankee speech (was RE: Knife-man foundin BusinessWeek)

Roger Austin raustin3 at nc.rr.com
Tue Nov 11 19:21:39 CST 2008

Joel D Canfield wrote:
>> [1] Excluding Austin, of course, cuz -technically- Austin isn't
> actually
>> part of Texas.
> you don't mean Roger, do you?

  Probably no relations to SFA, but southwestern VA where he was born
is not far from where I grew up in the western North Carolina hills.
Everyone is related to everyone else a little bit up there. Most
people were too busy dirt farming to think about their ancestry.

  Sorry for the delay, we had an emergency beach trip due to the
outstanding weather in NC that past weekend. Lots of sea birds,
porpoises, diving birds, etc. We had to swat away the brown pelicans.
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