[thechat] A LIST apart

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Tue Nov 11 20:27:33 CST 2008

David Kaufman wrote:

> The design doesn't fit on a 1024 wide monitor?  When did 1280 become the 
> new lowest common denominator??  Surprising that, if the middle column is 
> stretchy, it's not degrading gracefully to 1024.  The fluidity only "grows 
> it" on 1280 pixels wide (or better)?  Anyway the site appears fixed-width, 
> and far too wide, on this 1024-width laptop.  

?? While the laptop I'm on is 1440x900, I just opened up the site
in an existing browser window that's 1015x638 (per the FF webdev
toolbar), and I don't have any horizontal scrollbar, and I can see
all the content. What platform are you on?

> Ha.  My clients would laugh me out of the conference room.  Real sites have 
> to be usable by real people, many of whom (out here south of Upper 
> Designersburg) don't all have new graphics cards and wide flat screens :-)

I suspect ALA's audience is primarily, er, not those "real people". :-)

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