[thechat] A LIST apart

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Tue Nov 11 20:29:53 CST 2008

David Kaufman wrote:
> "Erika" <ekm at seastorm.com>wrote:
>> I noticed a subtle redesign at ala...
> The design doesn't fit on a 1024 wide monitor?  When did 1280 become the 
> new lowest common denominator??  Surprising that, if the middle column is 
> stretchy, it's not degrading gracefully to 1024. 

I think I confused myself, duh, playing with FF3, switching between zoom 
text only and zoom everything.  I don't know what's what anymore.  Add 
to that my computer res doesn't get any bigger than 1024.

what the heck are you using?

> it" on 1280 pixels wide (or better)?  Anyway the site appears fixed-width, 
> and far too wide, on this 1024-width laptop.  The right column is 
> completely lost, way out there, out beyond East Scrollbaria, and the *left* 
> 25% of the screen real estate that *is* visible at 1024, is wasted on an 
> all-but empty column of "oh-so-appealing" whitespace!

hm.... damn browsers.  Nonetheless looks good on FF3 Mac.  I have to say 
though, I'm getting kinda irritated by FF3.  It thinks it's so damn smart.

I really like the term "East Scrollbaria."

> consumer/retail oriented sites) is just old school, making me just a grumpy 
> curmudgeoney pure-tableless--css wannabe (--and not in the good way!)

aw.  poor guy.  I heard a radio show on sleep lately, they played an 
interview w/ a sleep-deprived mother and she sounded exactly like you. 
Scientists saying sleep resets your cells. If you don't sleep, all your 
cells get f'ed up.  (I think it was more scientificy).  It was an NPR 
show w/ the "This American Life" guy.

> P.S. This woulda been on-topic for the list wouldn't it?  Why on thechat? 

this getting chatty enough for you?

In all reality, last time I posed an open ended question (and this was 
just a comment) on thelist, I got snarked at... also got some cool 
responses.... I guess I kinda feel like people want the list to be techy 
Q&A... even though it's the discussions that are the most enlightening 
(to me).

ultimately I agree with you.  I've been a naughty, naughty girl.


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