[thechat] consider yourself informed

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Fri Dec 12 02:20:26 CST 2008

In the last decade, Phrack took a very annoying industry-oriented 
editorial policy and the original spirit was in our opinion not 
respected. The good old school spirit as we like had somehow disappeared 
from the process of creating the magazine. That is why the underground 
got split with a major dispute, as some part of the scene was unhappy 
with this new way of publishing. We clearly needed to bring together 
again all the relevant parties around the spirit of hacking and the 
values that make the Underground. The Underground is neither about 
making the industry richer by publishing exploits or 0day information, 
nor distributing hacklogs of whitehats on the Internet, but to further 
the limits of technology ever and ever, in a big wave of learning and 
sharing with the people ready to embrace it. This is not our war to 
fight people doing this for money but we have to clearly show our 

currently accepting submissions.


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