[thechat] lowest price per GB for external hard drive

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Dec 12 08:47:08 CST 2008

Joel D Canfield asked:

>>any thoughts on where to get the lowest price per GB for external drives?

Hi Joel,

I'm using a 500Gb Western Digital external drive here in the office [1].  I think it's a 'My Book' thing, maybe?  No complaints.  Scary quiet.  Had it a few months now.  Only have 30-35Gb on it so it should last me quite a while.  They seem to be running about $100.  Thinking of getting a second to alt-swap-backup and keep offsite at home.  Alternate months or something.

Amazon says the 1Tb drive is about $140 ... so that's a better dealio.

>>or, I'd consider brilliant alternatives.

Download a nice splitter utility and store your stuff across a number of gmail accounts?  And/or a number of 'cloud' [2] computing service accounts?

[Youse guys specialitize in keeping things organized, right?  Piece of cake! [3]   ;-P]


[1] Mostly to circumvent the 50Mb individual file limit we've configured for SharePoint(Less).  Grrr.

[2] Once they get to Lenticular ... I am sooooo there!  ;-)

[3] And speaking of cheesecake ... Currently bummed a bit over the recent loss of Ms. Bettie Page.

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