[thechat] 10volt!

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Dec 16 10:06:55 CST 2008

Erika noted:

>>aw!  hey RonL, can you add them here:

Hi Erika,

Done!  Thanks.

>>... but would it be a political can of worms to declare Shiner Bock
>>the official beer of evolt.org?

Probably.  Shiner seems to be a bit of a polarizing blend; some swear by it, some swear at it.  Given this particular (and peculiar) herd of cats, I'm not sure we should have an 'official' beer.  Leastwise not until Nagrom brews up a tubfull and invites us all over!  No, given the eclectic and esoteric proclivities of our little group, our official beer could very easily end up being ... cheese.

>>Erika  (usually selects a Negra Modelo at a Mexican restaurant.)

We had a nice late lunch Saturday with very yummy homemade tortilla soup.


(Who struggles to remember not to order Black Russians out at Mexican restaurants because they insist on hearing the order as 'Blanco' Russians.  Arrrrgh!)

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