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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Jan 8 07:22:01 CST 2009

Joel D Canfield asked:

>>when I need to turn my brain off I play Age of Empires. 
>>is there something out there that's challenging without overwhelming, 
>>and has the strategy and discovery aspects but isn't a war game?

Hi Joel,

Although I don't play much these days, there certainly seem to be lots of options!

If it was me, I would probably lean towards console play.  [Otherwise I'd probably end up playing nethack through conference calls and never get anything done!  ... Oh, wait.]

Some non-MMORPG possibilities:
* Guitar Hero and Rock Star are certainly popular at the moment, although I wonder if they would be relaxing or annoying to someone who actually plays.  {My nephew kicks butt playing 'Message in a Bottle' in Hero - but (having fooled with the tab) I know his hands are too small to play it on a six string.}
* I've always been a Gran Turismo fan.
* The GTA series has been pretty popular over the years.
* My son has enjoyed the sports games [Madden Football and the like].
* My son was recently looking for Super Mario Galaxy for his wii.

Heck, I bought my mom a DS last June so she could play Texas Hold 'Em.  You could always get one of those for extended 'minibreaks'.

Have Big Fun,

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