[thechat] playing games

Joel D Canfield Joel at CommonsenseEntrepreneur.com
Thu Jan 8 11:22:08 CST 2009

> >> * Guitar Hero and Rock Star are certainly popular at the moment,
> >  > although I wonder if they would be relaxing or annoying to
> >  > who actually plays.
> >
> > I tried Guitar Hero at my son's place, and it just made me insane.
> > Trying to exactly match someone else's interpretation of a song is
> > so *not* my idea of fun :-)
> >
> you sound like an actual guitar player.

or music lover

I tried *listening* to the Oldest Offspring play Guitar Hero and I had
to put in ear plugs.

There are rock songs, guitar rock songs, that stray below the 22nd fret,
even occasionally using strings other than the B and high E . . . oh,
and using this musical specialty called 'melody'

yeah, I'm thinking I should track down whatever's the newest version of
the San Francisco Rush games, and some of the Xbox stuff I loved playing
with my kids. Except my non-driving daughter trashed me at Rush every
single time.

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