[thechat] playing games and/or music

Joel D Canfield Joel at CommonsenseEntrepreneur.com
Thu Jan 8 13:09:29 CST 2009

> But math? No thank you. I was invited to leave my first institution
> of higher learning due to my inability/disinclination to be one with
> calculus. Not that the lure of the beach and surfing had anything to
> do with it.

my four older kids almost make me not believe in genetics. I *love*
math. for fun. it is beautiful; gloriously and divinely beautiful.

my four older kids all hate it. every one was reading before they
started school. one still probably can't spell, but reads endlessly to
this day.

but math? two plus two equals a headache.

my first successes in music were indeed because I finally realized the
mathematical connection.

Twenty-three days, twelve hours, and fifty minutes 'til the madness
begins once again . . . http://FebruaryAlbumWritingMonth.org/

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