[thechat] playing games

Erika Meyer ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Jan 8 22:26:36 CST 2009

Morgan Kelsey wrote:
> I feel the need to confess that I might possibly believe at this point that
> Rock Band has the potential to develop some level of musicianship in
> children. Santa brought it to my house (because I found rock band 1 was only
> $100). Wifey wanted to get Rock Band 2 for $200. Then I started shopping for
> drum kits on Craigs list and discovered for $200 we could get a REAL DRUM
> SET.

Having musical instruments in the house and setting an example by 
playing them yourself is the best way IMO to foster musical interest. 
Like with everything else, kids will imitate your actions.  If you 
practice daily, they'll understand what it means to practice.

I've been a musical practicer and a musical non-practicer and the effect 
of each on daughter's approach to music is pretty obvious.


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