[thechat] how do you buy a PC?

Joel D Canfield Joel at CommonsenseEntrepreneur.com
Fri Jan 9 01:22:46 CST 2009

> I just want a damn computer with Microsoft office and that is
> protected against viruses, worms, and all the other parasites PCs are
> prone to, preferably without clogging up the internet or sending my
> personal information to Bill Gates.

if you connect to the internet via a hardware firewall (all I'm using is
a $50 Linksys box) and don't do Dumb Things, you're relatively
protected. I don't run any virus software; haven't for nearly 10 years.
have had no viruses (about once a year I run some online scan thingy and
they never find nothin')

> How do you buy this kind of laptop?  $600 is about the most I can

with MS Office? probably have to get one used. but Open Office is pretty
compatible with MS Office, and OO is free.

ask local IT friends if they know someone who's got a machine to sell.
watch Craig's List, but have someone who's good with this stuff go with
you to look at it.

our oldest got a Dell Latitude with enough stuff for about $300. he blew
it up himself, but it was a nice machine before certain experiments were
performed. now he's only got three.


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