[thechat] how do you buy a PC?

Erika Meyer ekm at seastorm.com
Fri Jan 9 11:08:11 CST 2009

Luther, Ron wrote:
> Remember - all the other mfgs and their resellers sell refurbs too, (even Apple).

Yeah I sold one of those clamshell orange iMacs to a place that sold 
refurb Apples.  I would never steer someone to a refurb Mac though, esp 
for a laptop.  Macs seem to be really pot-luck in terms of hardware 
issues.  If you get the random bad Apple (lol) Applecare will save your 
ass many times over (it has on my current iBook, that is for sure... 
which isn't a bad computer, it's just gotten sick.).

I am pretty sure you cannot buy Applecare on a refurb.  I'd say refurb 
Macs are for those people who like to DIY, which I do not.  There is a 
point where DIY is overwhelming, esp when you engage in lots of 
different activities.  So w/ my computer, I'd rather have the thing just 
work.  Or if I'm going to DIY I'd be inclined to DIY on Linux.

In concept, I thought Dell might be like Apple... that there would be 
some kind of place where I could take the sick machine, that they would 
know and deeply understand the machine's unique issues.  Someone I could 
thank, question, or yell at.  Nope.  Maybe it was so at one time, but I 
found out that all Dell stores closed down... Dell told me go to 
Staples.. they were useless.

Apple w/ Applecare is like that nice hotel with a jacuzzi and 
super-cushy bed and a maid that puts mints on your pillows and gives you 
a toothbrush.  Dell is Motel 6.


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