[thechat] Hello? Anyone Out There?

Joel D Canfield Joel at CommonsenseEntrepreneur.com
Sat Jan 24 15:51:23 CST 2009

> I guess I'm here, at least physically. actually i'm not sure that
> makes sense on a email list.

I'm gettin' all my kicks over on Seth Godin's Triiibes/Ning site. Really fun hanging out with a couple dozen people who know more than me. It's like the college I never went to, except the one I imagined. Imagined going to, not *not* going to.

> Watching a second round of layoffs. I'm glad I'm young and naïve
> enough not to be worried about whether I will lose my job. I feel like
> I should be more nervous than I am... everyone else seems to be. I
> can't decide if things really are that bad, or if people just need to
> watch less of the 24-hr news channels.

'round here, the economy has tanked, big wide and hard. except, our biz quadrupled last year, we're on a pace to quadruple this year, and plan on doing it again once more before we move to Ireland. amazing what a coherent marketing and customer service plan can do, 'specially when you actually provide a service people want. if you know anyone who was thinkin' about becoming a virtual assistant, now's the time . . .

> Like right now I'm sitting in SKybox at O'Hare and blasting on Fox
> News is some talking head telling me how to keep my family safe from
> peanuts and crackers. Am I supposed to be afraid of bin Laden or
> Famous Amos?

yeah, soy is going to kill me by next Tuesday; I should probably go back to greasy cheeseburgers and whiskey instead of eating vegan and drinking red wine.

I have a strong suspicion the far too many people have no clue what they're talking about. I'm still doing my research; may take longer than aardvark's toe count research (I won't tell him how that's gonna turn out; it'd just spoil the surprise for him . . . )

listening to Howlin' Wolf (oops; now it's Little Walter) on our local public radio station. how cool; the little online player also lists what's playing right now on their classical music sister station, so if I wanted to listen to one of Bach's oboe concerti instead I could pop right over.

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