[thechat] Hello? Anyone Out There?

Joel D Canfield Joel at CommonsenseEntrepreneur.com
Sat Jan 24 23:23:40 CST 2009

> I thought you were in San Diego, Joel? 

many long years ago; been in NorCal six years now

> If so, check out Stone Brewing
> if you haven't. I don't like their beer as much as others do but they
> are really well done. Just with enough distinctive characteristic that
> you either like them or you don't. So its not that they aren't really
> good, they just aren't always my cup o' beer. The Arrogant Bastard is
> a favorite.

long time favorite, love Arrogant Bastard; one of my favorite spots in
Coronado used to occasionally have the Double Bastard; more kick, more

> If you are up in the Sacremento area, I'd check out Russian River
> brewing company. I've had three beers of theirs, their single IPA
> Blind Pig, the double IPA Pliny the Elder and their Belgian Golden,
> Damnation. All of them top notch beers. The pliny is quite drunkening
> but very tasty. Its on tap at my nearest pub but frequently sells out.

oh yeah; sounds like a trip to take. haven't seen those 'round here
(Sacramento) but I'll hunt 'em down

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