[thechat] Hello? Anyone Out There?

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Sun Jan 25 06:20:31 CST 2009

<quote who='Erika Meyer' when='25/01/2009 00:40'>
> mwarden at gmail.com wrote:
>> I guess I'm here, at least physically. actually i'm not sure that
>> makes sense on a email list.
>> Watching a second round of layoffs. I'm glad I'm young and naïve
>> enough not to be worried about whether I will lose my job
> uh, why worry?  Have you got any control over it?   Not so much.  What 
> will you do if you lose your job?  Something else.
> It's worser if you have: a mortgage, car payments, an iPhone, and/or 
> multiple children.  Even then, Matt Warden will likely be Just Fine. 
> That is due to the superpowers which all evolt people have.

Yeah. Mortgage, check. Multiple children, check. Car payments, check.

Luckily I'm in one of the not-so-hit-by-the-crisis yet company (Orange, 
if anyone outside France knows it). We'll wait and see. Indeed why worry?

We're doomed </C3PO>

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