[thechat] Hello? Anyone Out There?

Joel D Canfield Joel at CommonsenseEntrepreneur.com
Sun Jan 25 09:27:48 CST 2009

> Jed Smith... that one's in the redwoods.  Hey, I actually did camp
> in sixth grade.  Collected a ton of agates off the beach there.  Then
> lost them in a poker game... those damn Brusca kids and their wild
> cards... Fun trip.  So I guess I did camp on the Smith.  & I loved
> campground.

we've been wanting to camp at Jed Smith, and we loved the few hours we
spent in Crescent City.

one afternoon I got the driving bug whilst we were out running errands
and kept asking if there was anywhere else we needed to go. when the
answer was finally 'no' I asked if there was somewhere we *could* go,
not necessarily 'cause we needed to. so Best Beloved said "Oregon?"

we left 6am the next day, drove to Mt. Shasta where the little one saw
her first snow and threw snowballs at her sister. made it to Grant's
Pass, the first time any of them have been in Oregon (buncha California
natives never made it that far north; somehow, my dad's path from
Wisconsin to LA took us through Oregon every time . . . )

came down through the redwoods, which the Little One doesn't really
remember, because we came out at Crescent City which is her first memory
of the ocean (she'd seen it before, but too young to remember.) pretty
overwhelming seeing a child at the constantly-smitten-with-wonder age,
meeting up with the ocean.

she's been talking about going back to 'mount shaz' to see the snow

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