[thechat] Polamaluesque Puppy Dominates Puppy Bowl

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> http://www.theonion.com/content/news/polamaluesque_puppy_dominates
> "...At the conclusion of the two-hour contest, which was won by
> everybody for the fifth straight year, Puppy Bowl organizers honored
> Pupamalu with the Most Valuable Puppy award for causing five fumbles,
> recovering three lost plush footballs, and returning a bouncy hedgehog
> toy for an 80-yard touchdown. Long known for his physical play,
> Pupamalu
> was fearless in his pursuit of intimidating pit bull mixes, larger and
> fluffier dogs, and his own tail.
> "There are not many puppies who can come into such a pressure-filled
> environment and make an immediate impact on every playful interaction,"
> said Harry Kalas, Puppy Bowl play-by-play announcer and NFL Films
> narrator. "Pupamalu may seem out of control when he risks injury by
> leaping over the dog pile, but then he'll execute a textbook tackle by
> staying low and wrapping up the hind legs."
> "You don't find a mix of talent and heart like this very often," Kalas
> added. "He is such a good puppy. Isn't he? Isn't he? Yes, he is a very
> good doggie.""

Ah, I love The Onion

Has anyone here seen the movie? I think it's awesome


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