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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Feb 19 10:07:30 CST 2009

Matt Warden noted some stuff:

>>I also hadn't heard about financial aid cutbacks. Are these reduction
>>in subsidized loans? 

I'm not 100% sure.  I saw a recent news story on TV (so it *must* be true!) claiming that there was a reduction in student loans from lending institutions as well as less favorable terms.  The story was punctuated with nice footage of very nervous young college kids.  It was pretty well done.  I probably misused the more technical 'financial aid' phrase in the looser 'money for kids to go to school' sense.

>>I'm ok so far

>>... but it is great for us in consulting. 

Yeah.  Excellent point.  I'm getting broadband and router thingies installed this afternoon.  I will have to keep a closer eye on part-time short-term evening-style contract opportunities.

>>By the way, I'm moving down to Austin in a couple weeks. I know that's sort of the
red-headed stepchild of Texas, but then again I do have red hair...

!?!  Awesome!  (Who knew he had red hair?)  

Oh, the move thing is cool too!  ;-)  I get over to the Austin area a couple of times a year, mostly on wine-cellar restocking runs or long getaway weekends.  We'll have to have a drink!  And you are certainly welcome to drop by the Houston area and visit as well!


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