[thechat] <grumble />

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Feb 19 10:15:40 CST 2009

Scott Dexter <peeks out from under the rug />

Whoa!  Hiya Scott!

>>And if you're playing the home game... yours truly is married and expecting a baby boy in August. Wow! 
Wow, indeed!  Big Congrats!  That's terrific!  

So now you're gonna need onna them 'trailer' things for behind the bicycle?

>>I spend my days concerned about agile practices, unit testing, ensuring quality etc etc.
Maaaan!  I've got an entire pitcher of hand-made top-shelf margueritas just for you - if you can enlighten our IT upper mgmt and get them to understand the virtues of agile.  <Hosers! GRRRRR!>

Have Big Fun!

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