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Joel D Canfield Joel at CommonsenseEntrepreneur.com
Thu Feb 19 10:21:37 CST 2009

> I imagine some folks have already noticed this cheery little bit o'
> this morning:
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/02/19/hp_pay_cuts/

Big companies, continuing to make all the wrong decisions, hoping, this
time, for different results. It's one reason I do what I do, now, and it
really cheeses me off when I know good solid smart people are being hurt
by things they really can't control (there's no magic button labeled
"Start My Own Business and Kiss Off the Man" although, if I can just get
this last bit o' code . . . )

Keep us posted, Ron. I've been through tough times in Texas, and
somehow, it felt harder than tough times in California (where I
regularly drive past the second largest business campus in Roseville: an
abandoned HP facility . . . )

> But hey, I've still got my guitars and my puppy!  So I'm good for a
> yet.

Feel free to spout offlist, but remind me what axes you've got besides
your Frankenstrat?

> So how's the world treating the rest of my extended evolt-family?

Much goodness. Great joy, in fact, over the successful herding of cats
into the swimming pool: http://HandmadeHomespun.com/

and a little excitement about another new project

and, yeah, I'm one of the guys talking about how good it is. But I know
far too many people for whom it is not good for me to be gloating; what
I'm really trying for is to be helpful.


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