[thechat] Miles - wuz - RE: Happy ...

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Mar 4 07:26:46 CST 2009

Martin Burns noted:

>>Meantime, we all missed noticing (or at least commenting on) 50 years  
>>of Kind of Blue

Hi Martin,

Nice!  Very cool (heh) boxed set, but the original release doesn't mark it's 50th year until August 17th this year.  [My anniversary oddly enough.]


(Although personally, I think I prefer Cannonball's "Somethin' Else".  For me, that is just the epitome of cool.  Nothing better for sedating a restless soul.  Dim the lights.  Sink into a cushy leather recliner.  And let the ice cubes nibble away peckishly at the top shelf scotch in your glass .... Ahhhhhhh!  Everything just melts away.)

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