[thechat] differentiating two authors in print

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Mar 26 09:43:22 CDT 2009

>>we're looking for something which would have the same effect 
>>as talking to us at the same time on the phone: 

Another technique might be to write some of the individual sections 'as conversations'.


"I think -----------" 
[perhaps no differentiation needed here, but leading into]

"I really have to agree with Sue here because -----------"

"Joel raises an interesting issue and I've seen it ------"

"I remember when Joel -----"

"Sue had a friend once who ----"


There may, however, be some potential awkwardness if you want to tell a "my dad once ---" kind of story.  That could either box you into throwing in a gratuitous "and us guys" remark into the story or 'force' a comment from Sue to clarify your speaking voice.  Anyway, I'm sure you have all the material ... the rest is just editing.  Enjoy!

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