[thechat] differentiating two authors in print

Roger Austin raustin3 at nc.rr.com
Wed Mar 25 17:49:43 CDT 2009

Stéphane Deschamps wrote:
> <quote who='Joel D Canfield' when='25/03/2009 21:13'>
>> my wife and I have  co-authored a book for virtual assistants. we both
>> write in the first person. we're looking for a simple way to
>> differentiate who's speaking, without having to say "Sue says" and "Joel
>> says" all the time. we're looking for something which would have the
>> same effect as talking to us at the same time on the phone: you'd know
>> who's speaking by their voice.
>> what would make sense to you while you were reading a book written by
>> two people? 
> If it's whole chapters I'd either begin each chapter by "Joel says" or 
> by a picture. Or have a whole splash page for each chapter with its 
> author's name (like every collegial tech book out there).
> You cold also use a system of graphical differenciation, either by 
> colour or font (or both) or using a different pictogram. I remember the 
> "for dummies" collection has those: one pic for "important", one for 
> "did you know", etc. You could elaborate on that idea.

  I agree with Stéphane on graphical or font change as the trigger.
Is it important to differentiate between genders or is it note
important. You could use graphical symbols for male and female next
to the text sort of like avatars. Good luck with it, Roger
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