[thechat] No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Conyers, Dwayne dwayne.conyers at hp.com
Tue Apr 7 11:03:43 CDT 2009

Ron Luther moseyed on over and said:

> I sympathize. (And worry! Because I am often
> considered one of the geeks who, as Matt 
> pointed out, have this pathological need to be 
> 'right'.  The ones most eager to point out 
> that the emperor has no clothes.)

Well, being right is good, I suppose.  But I could have accepted being wrong about the need for an enterprise data model if it meant that I could walk away and celebrate being part of a five-by delivery.  But to see this ship launched and immediately start taking on water... and then get shot down for bringing a bucket to bail out the water... that seems like something that would happen to George Costanza at the Art Vandelay Corporation.  In fact, I'm still expecting Ashton Kutcher to pop out from behind a cubicle and say, "Dude, you've been totally punked!"

> (I think my lip may be bleeding.  I've been 
> biting it.  Last week I was asked for my 
> "input" on ideas to correct a system 
> performance issue.  A performance issue 
> caused by a design flaw I've been pointing 
> at for 2.5 years!)

The day I was told that my services would no longer be required, the system went TANGO UNIFORM and people were scrambling frantically to revive it.  They too (something) to ask for my assistance... or at least read the architectural document that explained how to fix it.  If this were sci-fi... I'd imagine the system became sentient and committed hara-kiri over the way I had been treated.

Okay... one more arcane cultural reference.  In the words of Harvey Birdman, "Sigh..."

The generation that took acid to escape reality is now taking antacid to deal with reality

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