[thechat] Hot Tuna (was RE: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Apr 8 07:26:50 CDT 2009

Hassan Schroeder noted:

>>way too much like looking in the mirror...
Shhhh.  Don't go there.

>>And yes, hearing Papa John Creach in person was amazing; 
>>rewrote my mental map of "violin" ...

Hi Hassan,

Whoa.  Bet that was great!  I'm sorry I didn't get to see Papa John ... 
but I have gotten out to see Ponty.   Between Jean-Luc and a few tape loop 
machines, that was a pretty convincing demonstration of what "violin" can 
be!  (At least it 'looked' like a violin.)  Yowza.

<searching around for the disk so I can say "np: Egocentric Molecules"!>


Is this a word-association thing?  Jean-Luc is to violin as Jeff Beck is to strat?

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