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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Apr 9 11:25:02 CDT 2009

Jack Timmons asked:

>>Taking suggestions on best practices of calming aggression in the office.

Hi Jack,

Like Joel noted ... there is a big difference between techniques dealing with a "hostile work environment" ... and looking for better ways to channel your own frustration before the pent-up anger boils over into self-destructive behaviors.

I've worked for 'charm-free' individuals.  It can be challenging.  But I have also worked (very briefly) in a "hostile" work environment.  If that is truly the issue - just leave.  Seriously.  It ain't your job to fix it.

OTOH ... ifn y'all is alooking fer channels to quell the twitching in yer trigger finger, (Hey now, kindly point that thang the other way while I is a talkin heah) how's'bout:

* Music.  An AC powered device (so you don't have to kill too many people if the batteries run dry) and a good set of headphones can go a looooong way towards 'attitude adjustment'.  And in many places you can use these during the workday.

* Telecommuting.  I wanna testify!  I'm hear to tell ya - being able to walk away from an ugly conference call and go pet the little dog is a fabulous perk that I will not soon give up!

* Exercise is known to be a proven stress reduction technique.  I can't do the before-work or lunchtime workout thing ... but some folks can.  And there are always evenings.  [I'm also trying this 'micro-workout' thing.  Telecommuting from home I can take a 10 minute break and lift or run or stretch without bothering anyone.  Jury is still out on effectiveness, however, since I haven't been at it long enough to notice a difference.]

* Hobbies ... Spending time on anything from beating up a six-string with some rusty speed metal or horribly hesitating blues to getting muddy on a dirt bike (motor optional) can clear your mind - if not your clothes.  Granted, it's tough to drown worms during the workday, but in most cities you *can* go hit a bucket of balls on your lunchbreak or get in three games on an empty pair of lanes!

* At grave personal risk of being possibly considered a Cal-eye-fornian sympathizer, I briefly mention that ... summa y'all ... can consider 'lifestyle' items like dietary changes, yoga, biofeedback, meditation, etc. for reducing stress.  'Course real men just grow bigger ulcers!  That's what that beer gut covers up, ain't it?

Duuuuuude, just chill ...   ;-)

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