[thechat] Test replacement

Chrome admin at chrome.me.uk
Thu May 7 10:06:20 CDT 2009

> >> In the course of writing a script that installs a subdomain I've
> found
> >> the
> >> need to be able to uninstall... Basically the script needs to be
> able
> >> to
> >> remove a standard httpd directive from the conf file...
> > Anyway, I fixed this by putting the routine into a PHP script and
> piping a
> > `cat` of the file to it... The PHP script reads STDIN then echos the
> result
> > which can then be redirected back to the original file
> >
> > If there is a way to do it with sed I'd love to know it just as a
> matter of
> > interest
> It would be a lot easier and cleaner all the way around if you put
> your subdomain info in a separate file and use `Include ` in your
> main file.
> If it were me, and I were going to have to add/delete subdomains in
> any quantity, I'd probably save the basic httpd.conf and subdomain
> fragments in a build directory and use make* to assemble them.
> * or rake or ant, depending :-)
> --
> Hassan Schroeder ----------------------------- hassan at webtuitive.com

Ah, now y'see I didn't think of that... And, come to think of it, neither
did the guy that's much better at this stuff than me (but he's pretty bogged
down with a load of stuff)

Basically it's his system and I'm trying to stay within the boundaries of
the way the system is constructed now... I'm really not very good with
server admin; I'm only just getting round to some decent Bash stuff (it's
been all ls and mv until now ;) )

Thanks for the suggestion, though, and I'll see if I can use it to get
things running smoother (and likely more stabler (Outlook doesn't seem to
consider that a word... hmm))


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