[thechat] Jealous

Chrome admin at chrome.me.uk
Tue Jun 9 08:36:28 CDT 2009

> I'm personally in favor of the "large iphone" style of second monitor.
> Makes
> for better email reading.
> http://brightkite.com/objects/1e1fbd0a54f811de9591003048c10834
> This work-provided laptop is actually the El Dorado of laptops, there
> is
> none larger. My giant coffee cup is actually putting it back into
> proportion. I've got this strange Lilliputian thing going on, it helps
> me
> compensate for .... something.
> nagrom

What size screen is on that (I use the term advisedly) laptop?  A friend of
mine has a HP (I think) with a 20.1" screen and it is monstrous... He used
it on his lap one day and within 20 minutes he couldn't feel his feet


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