[thechat] mp3 transcription

Joel D Canfield Joel at BizBa6.com
Wed Jun 17 10:01:37 CDT 2009

anyone know of either a used copy of Naturally Speaking really cheap
(not the standard version, anything beyond that) or another good tool
that'll transcribe my spoken MP3s for me? I primarily use Windows, but I
have a Linux box and a very (very) old Mac as well.

I'm creating 3-5 hours of MP3s per week and I don't care about fussy
details and perfection; just want a good enough transcription to
remember what I said so I can repurpose the content for my books without
having to retype it all. the excellent and incredibly inexpensive admin
assistant I have access to would cost about $600/month which I just
can't pull off, much as I'd like to.


Joel D Canfield
Joel at BizBa6.com

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