[thechat] Advice: Request to feature your images

Joel D Canfield Joel at BizBa6.com
Thu Jun 18 08:37:49 CDT 2009

> I just got this request to feature a couple of my food photos in a
> They have offered no money at all for this.

analyze your own goals and see if this helps, hurts, or neither (making
it pretty much a personal choice.)

pretty common to go the "pay me" route, in which case they'll probably
move on to someone else. is the exposure you'll get as a darn snappy
photographer (I believe I've mentioned your food shots are superb) worth
the fairly small investment and risk? or does your intuition tell you
it'll turn out to be more work than it's worth?

if someone came to me right now and wanted to use some of my photos for
a small project and all they offered was credit, and a couple o' copies,
I'd go for it.

if you know someone who's writing a book about Co. Kerry, Ireland, and
needs photos . . .


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