[thechat] Advice: Request to feature your images

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Jun 18 09:11:44 CDT 2009

Madhu Menon noted:

>>I just got this request to feature a couple of my food photos in a book.

>>They have offered no money at all for this.
Oh well.

>>Any advice from folks here? UK people, is this a known publishing group? 
>>(Their web site is painful to visit.)

Quarto is a well known book size (as a measure of the page size) ... but I had been unaware of this company as a publishing conglomerate.  {Being a conglomerate they look (and yeah - their site is a pain) to own a bunch of small 'specialty' companies in the UK, US, and NZ.  So they seem "legit" -- albeit not exactly a household name ... at least in my household anyway.}

I say 'go for it'.  Ya get [well deserved, I must say] credit for your wonderful food photography skills and a couple of nice coffee table books ... one to display in a glass case in the bistro to impress the clientele ... and one to display back at home to impress the, um, other clientele (Hey baby, come back to my place and see my published food photos?) ... looks like a 'win-win' to me!



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