[thechat] networking woes

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Jul 7 13:49:37 CDT 2009

Hi Gang,

Well, (and I know this will be a shock to y'all), but AT&T lied to me!  

Yup.  They told me to take my 'uverse' router from home cuz it would play nice with my shiny new DSL apartment life modem service ... not.

We have my wife's laptop running, but I'm out of pocket for all of my 'shiny metal pals who are fun to be with'.


I'm thinking I should be able to pick up an extremely cheap-butt hub to take the DSL modem out and split it into four Ethernet wires to run to each of my boxen.  (I don't think I really ~need~ to buy AT&T's $80 wireless router cuz these machines don't' move around any ... and I have enough paperweights.)

Any recommendations/favorites/alternative ideas?


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