[thechat] Network clue needed ...

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Jul 13 07:41:19 CDT 2009

Hi Gang,

Running into a networking issue.  

Here is a simplimified view of the network:
	- one combination DSL modem/router from AT&T feeding into
	- one five way Cisco hub/switch thingie [*not* a router] with 
	- one Win XP laptop attached by Ethernet and 
	- one Ubuntu desktop wired as well.

The laptop is left running 24/7 ... but the Ethernet cable is unplugged when not in use.  The Ubuntu box is powered down unless needed.

Here is the problem.  The laptop runs just fine -- until I boot up the Ubuntu box.  The Ubuntu box kicks the laptop offline and 'steals' the connection so that we have to 'ipconfig release' / 'ipconfig renew' the laptop to get it working again.

This is not winning me any points at home.  ;-(

Is there a setting somewhere (hopefully on the Ubuntu box) that I can set to make it 'play nice' and quit stealing the XP's lunch money?


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