[thechat] Hey Buddy, Can you Spare a Dime?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Jul 16 09:54:59 CDT 2009

Fred Jones noted:

>>My bank wants to offer me a loan ... <snip />
>>of $17,500. Terms are it's paid back over 60 months of
>>paying $381.25 per month 

Hi Fred,

That works out to be (roughly) an 11.15% interest rate.

I known unsecured loans are pricier than secured loans [1], but even though that may be cheaper than most credit card rates, it still seems a tad steep to me.

I would suggest shopping around (in person) at a couple of your local banks.  Ask about their debt consolidation services.  If that was an unsolicited offer (like in the mail) - put it on the table and ask them to beat it.  Drive the best deal you can get. All that stuff is negotiable.  Get several competing offers before signing up for anything.

Good Luck!
the currently debt free RonL.  

[1] Rates are lower when the bank holds your collateral (like the title on your car/motorcycle/house/boat).  A quick google says new car rates look to be running about 7.25%-y now, 30 year fixed housing mortgages running around 6%-ish.  So 11-plus % seems a tad on the high side.  Granted, it is unsecured - which carries a premium, but I'm still hoping you can do better.

[2] Also, (and it's been MANY years since I've tried it myself so YMMV), you used to be able to call up your credit card companies on the phone and say "Hey! I'd like a lower interest rate." ... sometimes they say "Okay."  And knock off a point or half a point.  It doesn't hurt to try!  It's your money - be aggressive.

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