[thechat] Twitter Nonsense

Chrome admin at chrome.me.uk
Thu Aug 27 03:45:29 CDT 2009

> Well,
>   I know when asteroids come close to earth at @AsteroidWatch.
>   I know some of what Weird Al Yankovic is thinking, or not
> at @alyankovic. (Weird Al is my only celeb following.)
>   I know all the important information that @TheOnion tweets.
>   I follow the twitter feed from @HubblePAO. If they find life on
> other planets, I want to be one of the first million that know.
>   Oh, I also connect with some folks in my local ColdFusion
> Users Group. We have a twitter feed for a conference we are
> doing in October here in Raleigh at @cfinnc. <http://cfinnc.com/>
>   I use twhirl. I am old and curmudgeonly too. Tweet that.
> --
> LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/8/a4/60
> Twitter:  http://twitter.com/RogerTheGeek
> MissHunt: http://www.misshunt.com/ (Home of the Clean/Dirty Magnet)

Personally I don't use social networking tools (the UK gov't is collecting
enough data about my personal life, thanks) but according SWMBO Stephen Fry
is a very worthwhile Twit to follow :)

Just thought I'd throw that in


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