[thechat] 19" Monitor

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 05:17:19 CDT 2009

>> A store near me has two (and two only) Samsung 943BM Plus 19"
>> monitors. This is it:
>> http://www.samsung.com/hk_en/consumer/detail/detail.do?group=computersperipherals&type=monitors&subtype=multimediaseries&model_cd=LS19MYMRBQA/XK
>> He will give me two of them for a total of $406 (USD). If I am not
>> mistaken, this is a GREAT deal and I should jump at it.
> What's the local going price?
> (Here it's about US$272 each for the same model)

I see it online here for over 250 USD. He told me he is giving me a
deal and I think he is genuine.

> Also remember that for flat panel monitors, max resolution matters
> more than size. A monitor that displays 1024px vertically is the same,
> regardless of whether it's 19" or 23"  - it just has different sized
> pixels.

Max resolution for this 19" is 1280x1024 which is fine. I doubt I want
any more than that. The Contrast Ratio of 50000:1 (DC) he claims is
incredible--I don't 100% understand the implications, but it certainly
appears to be very good.

The Brightness is 300 cd/㎡ which appears to be normal. The only thing
I can't find out is the response rate.

There are certainly cheaper monitors. I was even suggested this:


which is also a 19" square monitor for $130, but the reviews of this
monitor and others by the same company are unimpressive. I think a
monitor is NOT a place to skimp--I only have one pair of eyes. :)

Hassan, I can also find a cheaper 19" monitor here, but this one has
two benefits: it's square and *apparently* is very good quality. I am
happy to pay more if it IS actually a good monitor.

Can anyone confirm or deny that this is a very good monitor? :)


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