[thechat] what's the most likely fix for my buzzing amp?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Nov 16 13:41:44 CST 2009

Joel Canfield asked:

>>I have a little 15W Fender amp. Almost always, it buzzes like it's picking
>>up interference. Doesn't seem to matter what instrument I have plugged into
>>it (Strat, acoustic guitar, mandolin, mic with lo/hi adapter)

>>Power cord? Cheap cables? Broken? What are the two most likely issues?

Hmmm ... a Californian that considers having a buzz a problem? ... Sorry ... does not compute!


My best guess is the infamous ground line hum:

Lots of additional links within this article:

Solution -- trade up to a vintage Fender Bassman (you know you want to)!  
Now you can blame that '66 blackface you've been drooling over on me!

Backup guess is close proximity to halogen and/or fluorescent light fixtures.  Try turning all the lights off and seeing if the buzz goes away.  

(I once had el cheapo pickups that would channel hum from halogen and fluorescent lights --- after getting tired playing in the dark I spent hundreds of dollars spent on higher quality pickups made the hum go away. But since you're running into this on multiple instruments I figger the Bassman upgrade is your best bet.)


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