[thechat] what's the most likely fix for my buzzing amp?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Nov 16 14:48:40 CST 2009

Joel Canfield noted:

>>yup. it's that 60 Hz hum. I'll play with electrical connections and see if
>>it's really the amp, or just my dirty power. (you didn't know I had dirty
>>power, did you?)

Some older amps (like an antique Ampeg I used to have) had a 'polarity switch'.  [Back in the days before 3 prong plugs and electrical prongs where one side is wider than the other you used to be able to plug a cord in 'either way'.] {Oooo, sounds dirty!}

Anyway, switching the polarity would reduce the hum if you had your power cord plugged in "wrong".

Maybe try a shopping search for "ground hum eliminator".  Lots of gizmos available.  Some even through Wal*Mart!  Dunno if any are any good.  Check the return policy before buying!


(BTW - Fender also makes some lovely vintage 're-issue' amps like the '65 Twin Reverb that I'm quite sure I could find room for.  A friend of mine bought a new Hot Rod DeVille for his college bound son ... NIIICE amp.  And not quite as pricey as a vintage Bassman. Maybe you could find a nice used amp?)

PPS -- Line6 Pod or (for less money) Korg Pandora.

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