[thechat] what's the most likely fix for my buzzing amp?

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Mon Nov 16 16:04:20 CST 2009

Joel Canfield wrote:

>> Which raises the question: how would I figure out how old it is,
>> gear experts? 
> take the year you bought it, and subtract that from 2009 . . .

Heh, and ho -- would have never thought of that!

Actually, since I didn't buy it new, and further, through the magic
of being -- wait, what were we talking about? oh yeah -- I wouldn't
swear to when or where I *did* buy it. Gonna guess circa mid-'80s
(loosely interpreted), here in NorCal. Somewhere.

> serial number? date stamp on a little metal plate inside the box?

There's a number punched into the metal on the back, could be either
a model or serial #, though probably the latter.

It's OK, give me a minute, I'll forget I asked :-)

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