[thechat] job creation, of sorts

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 14:52:34 CST 2010

> Over the years I've read quite a few books on business and, by far, my
> favorite one has been E-Myth. It's an older book (so old that the E
> doesn't stand for electronic) but it has been revised and updated and
> it's an easy read.

Never read it but a friend of mine tried to start a programming
business. He's the best programmer I know BTW. He said he didn't make
any more money than working alone and he's happy he didn't lose any,
i.e. he almost did. Apparently.

But obviously it *can* be done--just must be with caution. :)

I also spoke once to a guy from a coding firm about hiring them. He
was very honest (it seemed) and said they take I think $120 an hour
but they have guys sitting around with nothing to do right now (and
thus he's losing money I think he said) and so he could offer me his
team at $90 an hour. Was fairly unimpressive, but you get the point.



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