[thechat] E-Verify ... curiosity

Roger Austin raustin3 at nc.rr.com
Wed Feb 10 17:18:07 CST 2010

Luther, Ron wrote:
> Anyone hear about any "recent" changes in the Department of 
Homeland Security E-Verify program?
> Changes like requiring some companies to verify employment 
eligibility of *all existing* workers and not merely new hires?

  I work with a US government contractor. Almost all NIH contracts
have language in them that people touching data have to get minimum
clearances. Basically, finger prints, plus they do minimal
background checks to see if you really are who you say you are.
This is mostly by sending out post cards for references like
neighbors, fellow workers, etc. They did require it for everyone,
not just new hires, but only for people directly on the contracts.

  I would imagine that anyone on DHS contracts would have to do this
as a minimum. At least, they didn't require a blood test and a DNA
sample. I think I passed the screen, but it is sometimes hard to
know. It takes a long time.

  E-Verify doesn't seem like the same thing <http://bit.ly/zGG2y>.
It says that it is only for new hires.

  Enjoy your interrogation. Only give them your name, rank, and
serial number until they pull out the hoses.

  Good luck, Roger
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