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On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 1:45 PM, Luther, Ron <Ron.Luther at hp.com> wrote:
> Hi Jack!

Scream that too loud, TSA will do a cavity search.

I'm just full of jokes like that.

> Hey, Ibanez makes some nice guitars.  (I think those Steve Vai Gems many of us would love to have sitting around the house run about $2.5 - $3K!)  But on the whole, I think Ibanez has usually been a pretty good value for the money.
> I would recommend looking at / fooling with anything the music store will let you get your hands on and buying what you are most comfortable with.  [Hard advice to follow, yes?]  ;-)

That's pretty much my goal, but if someone came out and said "Oh God,
don't pick up a Eaglewing Stratorblaster, after a few sessions they
become condescending before exploding in your arms!!!1." then I'd
probably take that to heart.

Or, I might just not listen to everyone's advice and buy a Ford. Which
I did. Now it doesn't run.

> I dunno how things are now, but when I bought a Washburn dreadnaught back in the 80's it was the least expensive solid top flattop you could get.  Turned out to be a very nice guitar all round as well.  Had a fabulous jazz guitar kind of neck on it.  Very nice.
> I think it might be worth a few extra dollars to get an acoustic where the top of the guitar (soundboard) is made from one single piece of wood.  That is what makes it a "solid top".  You can get a less expensive guitar where the top is made from several pieces of wood joined/glued together, but solid tops are preferable.

See, this is what I'm looking to hear. Ibanez is good, prefer a solid
top...coworker suggested I look at bridge height to see what I like.

> I would recommend trying different sized guitars as well.  I've never been real comfortable with dreadnaughts or jumbos.  I really like the smaller 'orchestra' sized acoustic bodies.  But it's all personal choice.  Try them yourself and see what you like best.

Just so long as it doesn't feel like I'd crush it, it shouldn't matter.

Tarzen like guitar to play for Jane.

> You might want to also think about whether you want a cutaway or not.  I have one on my current acoustic and I like it a lot.  My prior two acoustics didn't have them.

Excellent. Something to Google instead of doing my job. Love it. If
only I can make it last until 5...

> Round shoulders?  Square shoulders?  12th fret join?  14th fret join?  Lots of things to consider!

...and I just have. Take that, productivity!

> Hope that helps a little.  Good luck!  Have Big Fun looking and let us know what you end up choosing.
> Cheers,
> RonL.

Will do. I told the wife I'm getting one for my birthday. That's how I roll.

After doing the laundry, of course.

-Jack Timmons
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