[thechat] Linux Newbie - Lightscribe Disk Labeling Q

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Jul 30 09:42:48 CDT 2010

Dwayne Conyers agreed with Roger Austin who noted:

>> Why do something simple, when you can 
>> make it complex and wonderful? At least, 
>> that's my theory.

>I can understand that.  Have been there and done that.  

'zactly so!  [1]  ;-)

On the plus side, it appears that my new business laptop contains a lightscribe drive ... and it's running <shudder /> Vista ... so it _might_ be able to utilize that 'template'-y thing Dwayne was talking about yesterday.  Once I get the new box more fully wrangled I will give that a go.

[I was kinda hoping there was a .config file somewhere I could edit to give LaCie print rights, or an easy tutorial for creating a "godmin" account that I could use in a separate desktop space to run LaCie with full rights and print nicer labels ... like all the cool kids do.  Oh well, I'm probably just bungling my attempts to sudo the command line version.  I'll keep fooling with the moon.]


[1] 'cuz purty is better, natchrly!

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