[thechat] going nomad

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Sep 7 14:34:14 CDT 2010

Joel D Canfield noted a change in venue:

>>So, have I mentioned this madness here on thechat?

Hi Joel,

I don't think you've mentioned it here before, but some of us knew anyway.

Bold move!  And yes, slightly mad.  <knowing aside />(Oh, those Irish!)    


But home is where the heart is ... and you're taking *that* with you.  So I expect you'll do awrighty.  I do, however, wish the price of petrol were more accommodating for you.

Cheers!  Have Big Fun and remember to keep the shiny side up and the rubbered side down.
RonL.  [1]

>>If you'd like to shout mocking and derogatory comments about my
>>intelligence, that wouldn't be so nice, but I can't stop you.

?Moi?  Never!  ... although I *will* make fun of you for having your site _blocked_ by my employer.  McAfee SiteAdvisor rates it as a "red" threat!  NFI why, maybe your host is on a darklist somewhere?

So there!    ;-PPPPPP

[1] ... seems like there oughtta be a "10-4 little buddy" in there somewhere.

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