[thechat] Inbox detox

Mohan Arun L marun2 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 08:04:07 CDT 2010

I have taken up inbox detox.
Everyday I re-read 100 emails from my inbox dating back to 2-3 years,
and take notes and delete them so they are no longer in my inbox
anymore. I take notes with Cintanotes.

The new auto-advance Gmail lab feature helps me a lot because I am
no longer returned to the inbox after I delete a email, it loads the next

I have 10000 emails sitting in my inbox since mid-2008.

What efforts do you take to clear up your email I mean deleting the stuff
rather than aiming for 'inbox zero' which means you are only archiving mails
and its all still there in "All mail".


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