[thechat] $20M Problems?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Nov 10 15:03:30 CST 2010

Hi Gang,

Depressed guy here again.  Once upon a time I worked for an outfit that claimed they wanted to be "a 6 Sigma company".  Times change.  Nowadays its "Don't even come over here with that project unless it addresses at least a $20M problem!"

<sigh />  I've not yet enjoyed great success explaining why this is a bad idea.

I've tried the zen koan approach:  "If all you will work on are $20M problems all you are doing is training the business to create more $20M problems."

I've tried the Larry Wall approach: "In a decent process the little $50,000 problems are simple, quick, and easy to solve and the big $20M problems are able to be solved."

People nod politely ... and then send me back to the Accountants.

Anybody have any 'easy reader' links that might help me get this point across?  


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