[thechat] Online Backup

Mohan Arun L marun2 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 12:17:35 CST 2010

On the merits of external storage vs online backup:

>>Bandwidth really isn't an issue, as almost every online
>>backup option does differential backups.

If your internet access plan is not based on bandwidth (unlimited b/w)
and you dont mind your web browsing slowing down while the backup is
taking place in the background, online may be better option for you.

Here, my ISP limits my b/w usage 20 GB something per month,
above which I have to pay extra. I would rather use this 20 GB allotment
on *real web browsing and downloads than on syncing my 300 GB files.

I would rather experience faster browsing than some backup app
tying up the snappy browsing speed I am supposed to get,
but this is me :)

Not to mention, copying files locally is faster than syncing files
to a remote server via a net connection...

>>There is a very good reason for online/backup - off site disaster storage.

>>Not to mention the fact that an external drive is one more thing to
>>drag around, with the attendant risk of loss or damage. Unless you
>>leave it at home, in which case you're going to be missing a chunk
>>of data if your main drive fails 5 days into a trip. :-)

ioSafe makes fire-proof, water-proof, drop-proof, theft-proof external
On the downside, they are not portable. No one has made fire-proof
water-proof drop-proof solid state portable external drives, yet.

All the 'portable' drives have a form factor designed to fit in a standard
trouser pocket - I did my research last year and put money on a 500 GB
external portable for $110 - now they are going for less than $70

Further, to use an online backup, you need an internet connection- you need
to find a place that offers free or paid wifi - but with a phcket USB drive,
all your files are with you always.

~~~ Mohan Arun

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