[thechat] A question

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Jan 31 14:20:54 CST 2011

Simon MacDonald asked:

>>OK. I know I'm lame. Even with Martin's hint I ain't getting this - I shall
>>so kick myself cos I can't do the southern accent in my head.

Hi Simon,

Sorry.  I spent a few minutes listening to samples from the youtube accent project ... but I didn't find any examples of Southern US accents as thick as the one that tech rep had.  ;-(

(If I run across one later I'll be sure to post though.)


[I thought Martin was referencing Welsh.  That's where they have the multiple 'yy's, 'dd's, and 'ff's, right?  Things like "Caerdydd" for "Cardiff"? And "Y Fflint" for "Flint"? ... {mumbled the Texican}]

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